The following policies are applicable to all payment plans and buyers who purchase a property through MrLeasor.com and/or any of its assigned authorized agent(s). These policies are subject to change at any time and may be reconsidered on a case-by-case basis for individual customers.

Contract Signature

Your contract must be signed within 14 days of purchasing your property. If you do not sign your contract in that amount of time OR have not been formally granted an extension, then we will cancel your contract and place the property back up for sale. You should receive your contract within 48 business hours of making your purchase in most cases.

One-Time Administration Fee

There will be a one-time administration fee of $299.00 to cover all closing duties performed to finalize the needed paper work involved in closing the contract.

Multiple Lot Policy

A buyer may only have up to two properties under payment plan at any given time. For each additional property, larger down payments will be required. You may purchase additional property if apply at the full cash price or purchase additional properties after you have fully paid off your contract via a payment plan. Otherwise, you may only make payments on up to two properties at a time. 

Default Process

We understand that sometimes circumstances change and you may no longer be able to pay for the property that you are under contract on. As stated in our contract, you may default at any time with no penalty to you the buyer. However, you are not entitled to a refund of money paid towards that property.

All defaulted buyers are subject to approval for future purchases based on buyers history, no guarantee new purchase will be approved.

Referral Program

We encourage all buyers to refer their friends and family members to MrLeasor.com! For any person you refer, make sure they enter your name at checkout. Once they have made 4 monthly payments towards their property (the initial down payment does not count towards this), you will get $1,500 paid out to you for your referral.

Property Taxes and HOA Fees

All property taxes and HOA fees are the responsibility of the buyer. MrLeasor.com may pay these on the buyer’s behalf at which point you may pay us back right away or risk having the total added to the end of your contract at MrLeasor.com sole discretion.


In the event that the property is issued a citation by an appropriate regulatory authority AFTER this agreement is signed, the Buyer agrees to make any and all changes necessary to bring the parcel into compliance solely at the Buyer’s own expense. If the Buyer is not able to or willing to perform necessary corrective measures to bring the parcel into compliance, then the Seller will perform such activities as necessary and Buyer agrees to reimburse to the Seller all costs associated with bringing the parcel into compliance in addition to any management or legal fees incurred by the Seller for the purposes of enforcing this provision.

SPECIAL PROVISIONS FOR BUYERS WILL BE LISTED HERE IF APPLY: Currently there are no outside special provisions other than mentioned here in this section following.