Maintenance Request

Our mission is to completely satisfy all your Real Estate needs no matter if they are short-term, long-term or permanent by way of leasing until you are ready to purchase a property from us. If you or anyone you know could use our services please email us at We are a Veteran Owned Business. 

Submit Maintenance Request Form by clicking below. (note: If having issues submitting form, dial 832-356-7772)

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Mobile Friendly Maintenance Form


If you are looking to make some extra cash then contact us now!

See bullet items below for what we generally look for:

  • First-time flood homes
  • Vacant/Vandalized/boarded-up/distressed homes
  • Motivated Sellers (Divorce, Need Cash, Need Out)
  • Not wanting to deal with agents/listing/signs etc
  • Investors looking to retire

Provide these items and get rewarded at closing:

Full Address/House pictures = $500 upon closing.

Full Address/ House pictures/ Owners Name/Number = $1000 upon closing.